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MasterPsychUK™ - Applied Mental Skills for Learning & Teaching in all Environments to enhance Performance

Knowledge,Skills, and Attitudes to Win Business & Competitions through Changes in Behaviour & good Presentation

Good presentation wins business

Create the right impression and win!

  • Enhance your ability to effectively communicate
  • Sell your attributes as well as your product, service or idea
  • Feel energised as your existing skills are supported
  • Be empowered to develop and run a successful business
  • Develop as a Teacher

Consultation Workshops

With Development in Mind

Mental and Presentation Skills Training involving audience participation will develop your team and enhance performance, helping you to be successful. Through master classes, workshops, seminars, away days, individual and group coaching and mentoring.</p> <p>

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Forget to Prepare

Prepare to be Forgotten!

Dr Stephen Jones

  • Mental health skills applied to personal and team development across the lifespan
  • Effective presentation skills to achieve your goals
  • Healthy individual/ team/ community/ faculty development, sharing 'best practice'
  • Use of the evidence base to inform investment and team selection
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Learning & Teaching

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Teaching Skills and the Effective Lecturer for ALL Junior Doctors of ALL grades and specialties – small group teaching – delivered on site at your place of work